The only relationship between Uchiha Shin and Uchiha clan,It may be the pair of writing wheels。

“Have a kaleidoscope writing wheel eye,who are you?Forget it,Father’s order is to bring Uchiha Zorana back.,and so,Kill the unimportant ones。”
Uchiha Shinto said to himself,At the same time, his writing wheel has also changed,Three gou jade turned into a kaleidoscope。
“Stand here and wait for me。”
Didn’t let Zoranna take the opportunity to escape,It’s because Uchiha Itachi cannot determine if the enemy has other companions,Secondly,Because Uchiha Itachi believes in his own strength。
Although it may be difficult to kill an enemy with a kaleidoscope,But it’s okay to only defeat the enemy。
“It looks like,I arrived just right。”
Naruto wrapped in Kyuubi coat appears between Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Shin,The giant hand formed by the mighty chakra is waving in the wind。
“Seven generations,That guy is the enemy。”
Down from the branches,Zoryana standing behind Naruto,Without hesitation, he stretched his hand to Uchiha Shin’s position。
Saw the arrival of Naruto,Uchiha Itachi turned around and ran away without hesitation。
Naruto who can’t even beat himself,Uchiha Shin can never fight,With Naruto’s protection,Zolena is safe。
Naruto didn’t stop Uchiha Itachi from leaving。