“Ok……Ok……What is it called……Lu Yi?To Luyi!”Associate Professor Zhu replied。

“it is good,I know!”Director Chen said goodbye to Associate Professor Zhu with a smile。
After turning around,Director Chen changed a gloomy face,“So he is http://www.freelin.cn Lu Yi,Principal Li specially ordered him to educate him,I have to pay attention……”
“Hahaha!I ran out!You catch me!”Zhang Songzhan5Shouted out from the roof of the teaching building。
Lu is holding the fence with one hand,Looking towards the stadium,Noisy far away,There seems to be a football match。
“Isn’t this mary and lucy?”Zhang Song points to the distance。
I saw,Mary on the court is dribbling,After breaking through a defender, he immediately passed the ball to Lucy。Lucy takes a long volley,The football cuts an arc,Got into the dead corner of the goal,The opponent’s goalkeeper can only sigh。
“Sister Anna,So your two classmates play football?I thought you were all basketball professionals!”Zhang Song asked to the phone。
Not for a while,Anna Cao replied:“I want to see long legs,What bend?!”
“Know me,Cao Mouye!”Zhang Song smiled wryly。
“The third tiebreaker,Start soon,Don’t be poor,Cheer for your boss!”Cao Anna Road。
“Does he still use it??I can see it,Guo http://www.shujiuhong.cn is no opponent at all!”Zhang Songdao。
“Just warm up,Uncountable,I decided to play the third game!”Guo Yinzhe’s voice came from the phone,Similar to a tape after recording an album,Voice to narration。
“Hahaha,Not small,Lose to me,But I was swept out by the e-sports agency!”Feng Xichuan smiled confidently。
“Start of the third game,This time the map arrived randomly‘Rainforest’,This is a picture that makes many people‘Run broken leg’Giant map,The president’s birth point is on the north side,Li Gexiao is born on the south side,As a tiebreaker,Let us cheer for them!”Shunzi said as the host of the front report。