Remember to keep your skin supple _1

Don’t make mistakes in skin suppleness

MMs want their skin to be smooth and hydrated, so they also pay attention to daily hydration, as beauty experts say, to replenish eight glasses of water every day.

But is the method of rehydration correct?

Are there any misunderstandings about getting hydrated?

You know, if you do n’t replenish your water properly, you will not only get results, but you will probably make a big mistake.

  Myth 1: Skin hydration is not the same as body hydration. Skin dehydration is not the same as body dehydration. Drinking more water does not solve the fundamental problem, because only a trace amount of water is replenished into skin cells.

To really solve the problem of skin dehydration, moisturizing cream is the best choice.

  Recommended product: Chanel Moisturizing Essence Water Reference price: 500 yuan Product introduction: The light texture that seems to be absent. After contacting the skin, the gel instantly turns into a liquid, turning into a delicate and fresh water.

It penetrates quickly, exuding the fragrance of elegant white flowers and moist fig leaves.

Unique formula with top moisturizing ingredients: Lotus Concentrate and Coastal Fennel Extract.

Strengthens the defense function of the skin surface and enhances the efficacy of subsequent products.

  Recommended reason: An excellent product with good reputation. The gel particle size is also very suitable for summer use.

The unique moisturizing ingredients strengthen the defense function of the skin surface.

  Mistake area 2: Dehydration which seriously causes skin aging. The reduction of skin size directly leads to dryness, yellowing, darkening, dull skin, sagging, and early wrinkles.

Therefore, we must understand the problem of skin dehydration, especially in autumn, we must also consider the skin’s hydration.

  Recommended product: Lange Snow Melting Water Renewing Repair Cream Reference price: 50ml / 350 yuan Product introduction: The powerful water energy of Himalayan glacier water instantly moisturizes thirsty skin, creating a transparent and lustrous moisturizing skin.

Intensively hydrates while effectively tightening and brightening skin.

Enhances moisture activation, leaving skin hydrated throughout the day.

It maintains the balance of water and oil on the skin, which is especially beneficial for mixed skin during seasonal changes.

  Recommended reason: Does your skin want to “drink” the Himalayan glacier?

This moisturizing product will help your skin maintain a balance of water and oil!

  Misunderstanding 3: Mixing moisturizing with moisturizing Moisturizing is to directly supply the skin’s stratum corneum cells with the required moisture, while moisturizing the skin, it can also improve microcirculation and enhance skin moisturization.

Moisturizing can help prevent the skin’s water from evaporating, and it can’t solve the problem of skin dehydration at all.

  Recommended product: Shiseido Cleansing Specialty Soft Foaming Cleansing Foam Reference Price: 120g / 45 yuan Product Introduction: Added sericin and beauty liquid ingredients with excellent moisturizing effect, effectively achieving the perfection of cleansing and nourishing after cleansingCombined.

Even after washing, the skin is moist and soft, and it can also produce richer and more dense foam, which can penetrate deep into the pores and deep into the skin texture to remove fine dirt, and it will not hurt the skin.

  Recommended reason: a big one is only 45 yuan, and the collagen component in the cleansing milk can transport the moisturizing effect very well.