[How to make soy sauce in summer]_Summer _ how to make

[How to make soy sauce in summer]_Summer _ how to make

Soybean paste is a kind of sauce made with soybeans as the main raw material. This sauce tastes very good and has many benefits to the human body. For example, it can effectively promote human peristalsis, facilitate digestion, clear heat and detoxify.

Summer is a good season for making soy sauce, so what to do?

Here’s how to make soy sauce in summer.

1. After removing the impurities from the soybeans, soak them with water to swell and steam them until they are pasty.

2. Pour the bean material on the mat, mix with flour, spread it to a thickness of about 3 cm, and at room temperature 25?
Under the condition of 30 ℃, turn it once a day and leave it to ferment in the future. It will grow dark yellow bacteria in about three or five days.

3. Put the sauce in the jar, add salt, ginger, etc., and stir well. Turn the jar the next day, and stir it once a day.

4. When the salting is finished, add the sauce blank into the tank, but be careful not to fill the tank, leave a certain space in the tank mouth (about 18 cm from the tank mouth), cover it, and seal the tank with lime mud or yellow mudMouth, does not allow ventilation, prevents bacteria and rain from invading, so that it deteriorates, and is exposed to sunlight in the 40?
50 is the finished product.

Soybean nutritional value: Soybean is known as “King of Beans”, it is called “vegetable meat”, “green cow” and has the richest nutritional value.

Dry soybeans contain about 40% of high-quality protein, which is the highest in other grains.

Modern nutrition research shows that a pound of soybeans is equivalent to more than two pounds of lean pork, or three pounds of eggs, or twelve pounds of milk.

The content of impurities is the highest among beans, with an oil yield of 20%; the content also contains vitamins A, B, D, E, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals.