Suigetsu pointed to the Helix Maru, which is bigger than Wanshe, held by the future blogger, and said to Sasuke.。

at this time,The future blogger’s spiral pill has hit Wanshe head-on,Wan She, who played less than three minutes, fell straight down,Ended my life。
“mix.Bastard.You unexpectedly.Dare to use me.Fight such a strong opponent.”Ten thousand snakes lying on the ground looked at Sasuke with hatred snake eyes and said intermittently,“Just use.Those eyes.Do you control me.hateful.”
“Isn’t it,Dashemaru’s favorite ten thousand snakes,He died like this?”Shuiyue looked at the huge corpse of the snake and said in disbelief,“Sasuke,Are you sure you want to continue fighting?”
Sasuke clenches his teeth,The right hand keeps clenching and loosening,Finally took a deep breath and said:“retreat!”
Sasuke’s voice falls,The scene in front of the bloggers in the future will once again become black and white。
“Wait!”In the future, the bloggers are familiar with the road,“I suddenly don’t want to stop you from going to Uchiha Itachi。”
“Sasuke,Be careful,Maybe a trap。”
Suizuki said to Sasuke。
Sasuke nodded,Finally ninjutsu master,He wouldn’t be willing to kill Uchiha Itachi before。
A black shadow suddenly fell beside the future blogger。