I heard that the woman is five years older than the man!

Picture?This is the five elements lacking mother?
In fact, in Yuan Meiyun’s opinion,Zhan Jianjian is a good boy。
Native,Two years after graduation,The family has bought him a house in the city,There is a small car,Currently working as an engineer in Xingcheng Shahu Heavy Industry,I heard his colleagues say,This guy is very professional,Very appreciated by leaders,Looks pretty honest,I sometimes blush when I talk to her,It’s a good potential stock。
The reason why I haven’t made up my mind to get along with him,Not because the house is within the second ring road,But it’s only a small three parties with a level of 90,And also mortgage;The car is also a Mazda worth only 100,000,No face;Although the leader’s appreciation,But the state-owned enterprise wages are so high,If you don’t get any water if you don’t go to a management post,,Every month, five insurances and one housing fund are deducted and the maximum amount you can get is 10,000 yuan,Repaid more than two thousand mortgages,Only seven or eight thousand left……
Yuan Meiyun intended to be so ambiguous with Zhan Jianjian first,Wait two、Three years,If you can’t find a better one,She wronged herself,Forget about marrying this man,She is even willing to do a plastic wrap repair for him two years later,Satisfy all his fantasies about a pure woman!
But this guy got married in silence?!
She only found out when she looked at Moments!
Isn’t she just not contacting him in the past few months??
That’s not because a rich second generation seems to be interested in her recently,Does she have to avoid suspicion??
Now the rich second generation has no interest after playing,She still has to change her mind!
Turns out this guy even managed the wedding?!Is the relationship between people developing so fast now??!Is this true love?!
Zhan Jianjian, why don’t you die??!
Just when Luo Meiyun kept cursing a certain man in her heart,A teenager walked into Audi with two girls4Sshop,Come to her。
“Hello,Excuse meA8Can I have a look at an existing car??”
098 Young people must not be bullied
Luo Meiyun, who was on the verge of collapse, looked up and down Wang Yufei。