“What conditions?”Shangguan Yue frown。

“Never interfere with the things of Huaxia,My Chinese matter is in our internal treatment。”Longtai Emperor is looking at Shangguan Yue Road:“Brother,Mystery,Day,Goddess,How do you think?”
Tang no trace,God of Wealth,Japanese master,Mystery Master a few people heard the silence。
Shangguan Yuxian hesitated himself,At this time, Lin Feng’s figure came to the side of Shangguan Yue.:“sister,Promise him,You first is the leader of the world。”
“Ok,I promise you。”Shangguan Yuxi heard the words。
“Longtaijun,take away。”Longtaihuang cold road:“Concern7Middle of prison。”
“Yes!”Long Taijun heard the words to Lin Feng。
“Slowly!”Tang no trace stopped Longtaijun’s figure:“Three days later,From Yao Yao personally arrested,7The matter of prison is not responsible for the Dragon Bureau.。”
Longtai Jun Wen said that Long Taije,Long Taihuang heard a rock:“it is good,it is good,it is good,Brother,let’s go!”
Bei Shenlong heard a little bit,I immediately disappeared with the figure of Be Shenlong and Longtai Emperor.,Longtaijun,Dragon has no vacant and others have also left.。
A storm disappeared,However, Lin Feng has no easy color.,Instead, there is a bigger crisis and dangerous。
However, Lin Feng quickly adjusted the mood.,When you look at Shangguan Yue, there is no smile:“Thank you, no trace.,Little sister,Sangyue,Thanks to Master of Mysteria,Japanese master,Wealth,Qinglong Chamber of Commerce, eternal life, let this love!”
“Amitabha,You’re welcome。”Mysterienism,The two masters of the Japanese land laughed。
“Boy,This is your own kindness.,Otherwise, Who will help you??”The God of Wealth smiled and came to Lin Feng to take the shoulder of Lin Feng.:“20Year of prison,My wife is watching,Let your daughter-in-law will directly reduce you.,Supervision execution。”
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“The God of Wealth is laughing.。”Lin Feng said the polite road。
“You don’t have to polite between you,My sister is going.。”Shangguan Yue’s figure smiled and walked over:“Hell to take care of。”
“sister,Have a meal。”Lin Feng heard the words:“You can’t come to Huaxia.,Snow and Yin,Ying Yao,The cold, they take you to visit Huaxia Mountain。”
“Yes,Cangsue sister。”Belle,Tao Yao Yao two women have gone to persuade the official Shu Moon.。
“Song Moon,You are not easy to come to China.。”Tang no slut:“Don’t go to Tang family.?”
“not going,If it is not my brother’s thing,I am afraid I don’t want to step into Huaxia.。”Shangguan Yue, carrying hands,And look at Lin Feng soft channel:“Later, you will see your own.,Treat the snow,Song Moon,Cold,Have time to go to the Americas。”
“do not worry,I will not let you down。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Home’s wife,I certainly hurt them.,We must go to the Americas.。”
Bei Xue Yin and Tang Yinyao did not even whiten Lin Feng。
“All right,Allocate,Wholly。”Shangguan http://www.ycfsjc.cn Yue Mei glanced to sweep the monster,Tang no trace,Mysterienism,Japanese master,God of Wealth, etc.,Then her figure strolls to the empty。
“Go slowly。”Tang no trace,Mysterienism,The god of the gods, Zhang Xuan machine, etc. have sent officials,Shangguan Yue’s figure gradually disappeared in the sky。
“Lin Feng,I should also go.。”Tang no slut:“Let your goddess, uncle, I drink。”
“Uncle,Thank you。”Lin Feng heard the voice,He pulled Bei Xueyin,Night cold,Tao Yin Yao together。
Today’s things are not trace in time.,I am afraid that the strength of the following official Yuxian is also unable to suppress Long Taihuang and Bubei Dragon.,Dragon Taihuang and Bei Shenlong have been avoided outside the official Shu Yue and Wang Chao,I also jeopardize that the house of Tang family secretly。
“You didn’t let me http://www.lyrxjf.cn down,You don’t have to be polite.,Brother,I don’t want to sit on the Tang family.?”Tang no trace looks at Wang Chaozhao。
“Ha ha,go,Drinking my brother, I went to Tang family.,By the way, re-travel。”Wang Chao Wen Haha smiled up:“Ready wine!”
“rest assured,You go to me, definitely prepare the best wine.。”Tang no slut:“Let’s drink a happy。”
“Ha ha,readily,it is good!”Wang Chao Wen Yan Haha smiled。
“This time I can’t see it.?”Tang no trace suddenly turned around and saw a little love。
“not going,Where else。”The fascinating laugh is:“I came to China, mainly for the sake of Xue Yin.,Xue Yin’s understanding,I have nothing to worry.。”
“Ok。”Tang no trace heard the words of the gods and looked at the embarrassment,And Mystery Master,Japanese master,God of Wealth and Foreign Gold Forces Represents,And then leave http://www.njjinbang.cn the air。
“Lin Feng,Let’s go in the past,Prepare to worship,Have a little time。”Wang Chao laughed:“Drink your bar after worship。”
“it is good!”Lin Feng is so fast laughing:“Big brother,Two masters,Goddess,Goddess,Go slowly。”
Wang Chao,Mysterienism,Japanese master,God of Wealth,Tang Shen Mo’s a few people heard that this turned and left.,Lin Feng,Belle,姬 小 姨,Tiyin Yao,Night Qing Han hurriedly came to Beninde and Beihai’s side.,Two people are facial,Liu Wei holds Beihai。
“Maple,Come and see。”Liu Wei is so busy。