Test-how high is your love EQ

Test: How high is your love EQ

If you have an unforgettable old relationship, you will never forget it!

However, you still have a new lover, and you feel better and better each other.

Now, how do you display the photos of the old and new lovers?


Bring up new feelings (photos) and put away old memories (photos) B.

Posing at the bedside C together.

The two are placed in different places D.

Put it all together and wait until you get married to talk about the medical certificate: choose A, sane type: you are great!

Have a high love EQ index, have the ability to adapt to the future and cherish the past.

  Choose B, swing type: you have a moderate love EQ index!

Although there is a tendency to be half-hearted, it will not shirk responsibility.

  Choose C, stubborn: Your love EQ has a low height, beware that new lovers will be jealous, and leave it.

  Select D, shrink type: 唉!

Your love EQ is really too low. Losing your old lover is a big blow to you. You need to recover quickly.