“not so good。”

After lie down with the column,ask:
“It seems to have a batch of bodies。”
“Yes!These bodies don’t know what is going on.,Corpse is very heavy,If you can’t live, you will die.。”
“You didn’t touch?”
“Touched。But my corpse is less,I am reluctant to live.。”
Lin ring is not。
Everyone who touches the dead has a means of life.,And all strictly guard against death,I am afraid that others know。
At first, Lin responded that these people were too selfish.。
But when he can touch it from the body,This is his greatest secret,You can’t say;So that moment,He is specially understood that other secrets of http://www.manfully.cn touching the corpse。
“Go out!Go back to sleep。”
After the end of the eyes,Not quiet,I heard someone shouting:
“On the 10th room。”
Half time,Someone shouts:
“Touching the corpse of the 15th。”
Lin Wong is looking at this street occupied by the corpse。
Even if this place is high,But not to be high to this level.!Unless they are all bodies。
A group of people suddenly appeared at the door of the forest。
“Little brother。I heard that you are very hard.。”
People talking to silk satin,Sight is not low。
Dedicated dragon saw Lin Xiang’s eyes is full of confusion,remind:
“This is our troubles.。”
“Oh!I have no eight characters.,I am orphan。”
“Orphan is better,Hardship,You touched this body.。”
Lin rang does not reject the corpse,Laugh:
“That lift it.!”
Everyone is long-awaited。
Who is http://www.xiahuazhongxue.cn carava?,More than just to touch the dead,More sew。”
Four a strong man raised his body to send the body in one before one before。
I am in the 30th year of Qi Zhuang.
Chapter 108 Symbol
Touch the corpse:
“As long as you take this body on the body,Stitch the arms,I will give you good benefits.。”