[Do you eat coriander for caesarean section]_Cesarean section_Can you eat

[Do you eat coriander for caesarean section]_Cesarean section_Can you eat

There are two general modes of production, caesarean and natural birth. It is best if the physical condition meets the normal birth, which is conducive to maternal physical recovery and baby’s development.As the body is relatively weak and needs to be replenished, then do caesarean capacity eat coriander?

Caesarean section confinement can eat coriander After cesarean section can eat coriander.

Generally, you should fast spicy foods after giving birth, pay attention to rest to strengthen nutrition, drink more fish soup, pork rib soup, etc. This can be secreted by milk, pay attention to rest.

Can cesarean section confinement wash my hair? It is believed that confinement is not scientific.

Pregnancy and childbirth are a normal physiological phenomenon. Women should live like normal people and should maintain their own hygiene and cleanliness.

Generally, you can take a bath and wash your hair a week after giving birth, but you must stick to a scrubbing bath and not a tub bath to prevent the dirty water used in the bath from pouring into the genital tract and causing infection.

You can take a shower after 6 weeks.

You should take a bath and wash your hair in the confinement.

However, when bathing and washing your hair during the puerperium, you need to pay attention to the following aspects: 1. The body is weak during the week after giving birth. You can take a shower after one week. When Lin Yu is careful not to let the wound get wet, avoid baths.

2. It is advisable for the water temperature to be around 40 ℃ -45 ℃, and the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the bathroom should not be too large, so as not to catch a cold.

3. After bathing, dry your hair and body with a dry towel and keep warm.

Through the above sharing, we know if confinement for caesarean section can eat coriander, I believe that everyone will have a certain understanding after reading it.

Although caesarean section confinement can be relaxed in terms of diet than regular birth confinement, it should also be taken seriously.

The editor also shared with you whether you can wash your hair by cesarean section. I hope the above summary will be helpful to everyone.