“I also want to see what Pandora’s magic box is like.……”

Laurabb,As an archaeologist who adventurous spirit,Let her look at the door instead of digging the grave,It’s hard to kill her.,So I was said by Terry.,I can’t stop the hole.。
Just didn’t think,The speed of the Terry cutter is so fast,Obviously, the last second is still affectionate。
“Hey,You two,Chatted?”
Seeing two people go to their eyes,Terry is unhappy,Ridicule:“Laura,Your eyes are getting worse.,What is this soft little face??Now I am going to change my heart,Take the magic box and leave me.,I guarantee that I will love you as before.。”
“Do not be silly,He can not be soft at all。”
Laura touched the nose,Remember that you were stunned by a punch,I immediately took a few ancestan words。
This hatred,She doesn’t forget anything.。
“Be right,I am very hard,At least tough more hard than you。”
Liao Wenjie,Continuously stimulate Terry’s nerves:“give up,Laura likes tough man,For example, I,You can not,Softened,No guns don’t have anything,She can’t like your hard man.。”
“how,You want to pick with me?”
Terry,Looking up and down Liao Wenjie,It’s a smile。Not him blowing,Soon as Asian male like Liao Wenjie,He can fight ten times。
Uh,Bruce plum except。
“Yes,Have a courage to put down the gun,Conceivers between men。”
“idiot,Why http://www.025blog.cn do I put down the gun?!”
Terry cold,Don’t want to continue:“My patience is limited,If you don’t want to have a few cave,Give the magic box。”
“Laura,He has a sentence, didn’t say it wrong.,Your eyes are very bad,This kind of garbage can be seen。”Liao Wenji vision。
“do not talk,I am also very strange……”
Laura scare,Although the betrayal of Terry is not unexpected,But more less is still disappointed,totally unexpected,The other party is hesitant,I took the knife holder on her neck.。
Besides,People who look at Terry are her former.,Young is not sensible,Not now her,So this pot is not back。
“I said,My patience is limited!”
Tri eyes are getting angry,Looking at the showjackieCut down the trigger。
Be awkward!
A crisp,I don’t know if it ispIs there any reason for the card shell?,Bullets do not expect,http://www.yingzrd.cnTri eye angle pumping,Trigger on another hand。
jackieA face,What happened,Why is the dog’s men and women flirt with the front boyfriend,The injured person will be him,Is it wrong with laughing??
What happened to this society?,Can you still have it?!
jackieUnfair,Sincerely,Bullet card shell,His flesh is safe and sound,But his young heart is hurt.。
Braw!Be awkward!Be awkward————
Continuous deduction trigger,TwopPistol refuses to cooperate,Terry is full of flowersq,Throw twilight on the ground。
“what the hell,I thought there was a bullet inside.。”
Liao Wenjie patted the chest,Pull out the jacket zipper,Touch a pistol pointing to Terry,nearbyjackieI also laughed and picked up the gun just throwing away.。
“Be desperate!”
Tri smashed mouth,Look at the only weapon in the eyes,dagger,Decisive throw it to the ground,Hook the finger to Liao Wenjie:“bring it on,In the face of Laura,Conceivers between men,Prove your tough。”
“Unnecessary,I have proved to her.,At that time, she had dizzy.。”