New strange trick rises midnight beauty abroad

New strange trick rises midnight beauty abroad

When do you usually go to the beauty salon?

The answer may be morning, noon, afternoon, evening, but never after 12 midnight.

But now, there is a “midnight beauty salon” abroad, which specializes in grooming customers at night.

Dermatologist research has found that 11pm to 5am is the time when the growth and repair of skin cells is at its peak. At this time, the speed of cell division is about 8 times faster than usual.

Therefore, the absorption rate of skin care and nourishing products is particularly high.

So in the United States, France, Switzerland and other countries, beauty salons have emerged as the times require, “beauty, sleep in one” midnight beauty.

The customer lies in a quiet room filled with high-concentration oxygen, while enjoying a skilled massage by a beautician, listening to soft music, and slowly falling asleep while his body is relaxed.

The next morning, when I woke up from my sleep, I was surprised to find that my skin became tender and smooth.

  The investigation is very scientifically based, but going to a beauty salon in the middle of the night is still too crazy.


More than 7% of the good beauty environment, sleeping there can be beauty, a great value experience.


5% I prefer to sleep in my own bed.

  25 years old

8% Mental Beauty in the United States appeared Chat Beauty “Do you want beauty?

Please find a psychological cosmetologist!

“This is a slogan for a” new beauty salon “in the United States.

But in this beauty salon, there are no common beauty beds, beauty equipment and various beauty products.

There are several small compartments inside, soothing music flowing gently.

The reception lady came forward enthusiastically to introduce their beauty methods.

After a few simple conversations with the customer, “Miss Beauty” let go of the background music the customer liked, and then started chatting.

The young lady’s voice is very good. Against the background of the music, she seems to be reclining the prose of the soundtrack.

Just listening to her, the customer’s mood slowly unfolded.

Of course it feels better to talk to her.

The lady is always able to penetrate the heart of the customer, as if talking to a long-lost close friend.

According to the introduction of Miss Beauty, harmonious communication gradually relaxes people’s facial muscles, which is conducive to promoting blood circulation on the face, which is not only conducive to the growth of facial skin cells, but also stimulates the vitality of skin cells, thereby preventing wrinkles.Produced to achieve the purpose of beauty.

  This method of investigating is really good. It can be used for both beauty and psychological counseling.


2% do n’t even have a beauty product here.

30 years old

2% may be deceiving.


Do you know that 6% freckle salt can also remove facial spots?

The salt we usually eat has the effect of removing facial spots.

Specific method: one teaspoon of salt, six teaspoons of white lotus root powder, three teaspoons of chrysanthemum powder, half teaspoon of white vinegar, mixed with water to form a paste, and apply it near the spots on the face, once every other day.

  The survey feels a lot like a scrub and should work.


2% of these food beauty methods I am the most assured because there are no chemicals.
  30 years old

3% I have sensitive skin and still dare not be a mouse.

9% of sunscreen technology research shows that eating more tomatoes can protect against sun. German and Dutch scientists have shown that eating more tomatoes can take advantage of sun protection.

German scientists in the study found that if everyone consumed 40 grams of ketchup per day, the risk of sunburn would be reduced by 40%; if 10 grams of olive oil were added, the effect of sun protection would be better.

Scientists believe that this may be the main role of crocetin in sun protection.

  The survey is great. I like tomatoes most. I didn’t expect to have sun protection.


3% Is this the so-called internal support and external support?

  18 years old

9% tomatoes are not applied to the bladder. Can this protect the sun?