Such defense simply does not exist!The philosophy of basketball is not like this!

And Pippen on the court was also lost。
“damn it,My defense is so soft?”
Watching Kobe feel hotter and hotter,The hit rate is getting higher,Pippen doubts himself。
Shouldn’t,This kind of defensive pressure is enough to strangle most players。
Does it need to increase efforts?
Pippen tried it。
“beep!AND ONE!”
Pippen is completely dumbfounded!
Kobe clenched his fist to his mouth,Lift chin!
“Can’t help me!Batman has no makeup today!?Hurry up and put on your empress tights!”
Kobe complained to Pippen。
Pippen is dumbfounded,Personal attacks?
But Pippen, who was not good at speech, was stunned into a rage。
“damn it,Scotty。Annul him!”Rodman is fanning the flames。
Rodman also tried to double-team defense,But Kobe’s offensive range is too big。Plus Kobe’s off-ball running,There is no way to keep following。Kobe’s offense is so decisive after holding the ball,Finish the action in an instant,There is no muddy water at all,This makes Rodman’s double-teaming more difficult。