4 skincare tips when swimming


4 skincare tips when swimming

It’s the swimming season again.

Because you are swimming in an unclean pool and exposed to the sun, your skin protection is more important than usual.

Because the whole body is exposed to the sun when swimming, the sun protection of the body is the most important, followed by the cleanliness of the skin, and the one that is often overlooked is the moisturization, until summer, if the humidity in the air is not high, the moisture on the skin is stillEvaporates easily through wet body.

  First, it is necessary to choose the PA value for sunscreen products. It is not enough to just look at the SPF value for sunscreen products today.

Because SPF only protects against UVB rays, it only blocks 1% of UV rays.

The real sunkiller is UVA, which accounts for 98% of the ultraviolet rays reaching the ground.

UVA is the most lethal because it can reach the dermal rupture in the shortest continuous time, quickly destroy the elastic fibers and cause skin aging.

The only thing that can deal with UVA is choosing “PA +” products that prevent UVA.

  The skin in the water will double the amount of UV absorption due to the reflection of sunlight. Therefore, when choosing sunscreen, you should choose not only SPF30 or above, but PA +++ sunscreen, and it is better to choose sunscreen lotion instead of sunscreen.

  Second, how to know the PA value PA + effective protection time is about 4 hours PA ++ effective protection time is about 8 hours PA +++ super protection also remind you not to buy cheap sunscreen products because the cost of sunscreen raw materials is relatively high, soThe cheaper sunscreens sold in the small commodity market cannot contain sunscreens at all, and it is more reliable to go to reputable large shopping malls.

  Third, the skin after swimming is actually dirty Your skin is not clean after swimming, this is the water quality problem of the swimming pool.

Due to the continuous use of swimming venues, hygienic standards are difficult to ensure, the free residual chlorine in pH water has dropped significantly, ammonia, hydrogen, urea content has increased, and coliform bacteria and other bacteria have multiplied, which makes the water turbidity increased.

Swimming pools often use chlorine or circulating purification to maintain the sanitation of the pool. This will increase the concentration of chlorine gas. When it is increased to 2-3PPM, people will feel a clear smell of chlorine, and of course they will stick to their bodies.

In addition, it is inevitable to bring skin excrement, alternative hair, snot, sweat, body fluids, and even urine and swimwear dyes and fibers into the water when swimming.

Contaminated water often causes diseases of the eyes, nose, ears, throat, skin, metabolic tract, reproductive system, etc.

  Seeing these is inevitable, and not going to swim is a negative and effective method, while a positive and effective method is to carefully clean your body after swimming.

You can use a bath liquid such as “swimming lotion” for cleaning.

This product can help you remove oils, bacteria, and have skin-care effects. It can remove the chlorine odor and bleaching powder that are attached to your body after swimming, making the skin clean, smooth and moisturized.

  In addition, you can also apply anti-chlorinated milk before swimming. This emulsion is applied to the body. The skin and skin have multiple layers of isolation to isolate the skin from water with too much chlorine gas, thereby protecting the skin and avoiding too much chlorine gas in the water.Skin feels dry.

  Fourth, the skin should be moisturized after swimming. “If you don’t dry the skin immediately after swimming, the skin will become very dry.” Do you have this feeling?

Because if there is not enough moisture in the air, the skin will absorb moisture from the surface of the skin at the same time from wet to dry, making the skin drier, which is more obvious in northern regions.

Therefore, the best method of care is to dry the water droplets immediately after coming out of the bath. If it is not in the middle of summer, you should also apply skin care products with moisturizing effect.Get there, then do a light massage to help absorb nutrients as quickly as possible.

  Under the sun, the amount of UV light absorbed by the skin in the water will double. It is best to choose sunscreen lotion instead of sunscreen, and PA +++ sunscreen.