[How to regulate postpartum qi and blood deficiency]_Insufficient qi and blood_diet conditioning_how to regulate

[How to regulate postpartum qi and blood deficiency]_Insufficient qi and blood_diet conditioning_how to regulate

The female body itself is weak, especially the post-natal women, the physical condition is even weaker, which is why post-natal women need to make up for it.

The earliest mothers faced a deficiency of qi and blood, which is very common and can be adjusted. As for how to adjust, a detailed plan is needed.


Metabolic detoxification in the first week.

Try to be light on your diet, eat more digestible and less irritating foods, and avoid eating too greasy and nourishing.

Because the mother’s physical strength is very poor at this time, the whole body edema has not disappeared, and the digestive and absorptive functions of the stomach have not recovered. With the strong contraction of the uterus, a large amount of lochia is discharged.

Therefore, the key tonic at this stage is to promote the recovery of gastrointestinal function and replenish physical strength.


In the second week, the second week was post-natal.

As the uterus enters the pelvic cavity, the recovery of the spleen and stomach and the replacement of the internal organs, the contraction becomes the focus of this week’s diet.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the qi and blood of the human body are converted from food by the spleen and stomach, so the spleen and stomach are the essence of the day after tomorrow.

Therefore, the spleen and stomach can be adjusted to help the new mother absorb nutrients. It is recommended to eat more waist foods (pork waist, sheep waist, chicken kidney, etc.) at this time, strengthen the waist and solidify the kidney, help the internal organs and pelvic cavity to contract, and reduce backache.


In the third week after nourishing the urinary milk in the third week, through the new mother’s body function gradually recovered, the baby’s demand for breast milk also gradually increased. At this stage, you can start to drink soup to promote breast milk.

Diet is the most important factor in producing nutritious milk.

If the postpartum adjustment is appropriate, the blood will be smooth, and the milk will flow endlessly.


The fourth week improved after 4 weeks.

This is the transition period when the new mother is about to enter a normal life, and her physical strength, stomach, and spirit have recovered.

The most important thing this week is to consolidate the results of confinement, while gradually transitioning to a normal diet.

Because the body waste is eliminated during childbirth, if the mommy can take good care of her throughout the confinement period, the original women’s disease, the physiological period is not adjusted, and the cold hands and feet will improve a lot.