Lakers126:127Heat!Kobe Rand7Minute!

Game left50second!The difference is only1Minute!
Pat Riley chose to suspend,Upcourt。
Mourning touches the ball,This ball,Must enter!
Tim Hardaway goes around trying to catch the ball,But Kobe is fully defensive!Blocked Hardaway’s receiving routes!
In the end Mourning passed the ball to Marshburn。
Marshburn singles out Bowen!
This is Pat Riley’s choice,He gave up the ball and continued to Mourning,Mourning has failed consecutively,This ball can’t be given to him without reason。
Tim Hardaway’s defense against Kobe is really bad offense,Then the most suitable point is only Marshburn。
Marshburn tested three consecutive threats,Half-turned to break through,But all the actions were predicted by Bowen in place,Bowen fits and pounces,Stop the ball directly。
Marshburn reluctantly passes Sasha-Danilovic,Sasha-Danilovic misses a mid-range jumper。
Kobe rebounds in the crowd!
Marshburn sacked Kobe directly in the middle distance!Fell to the ground!