“Brother,You don’t have to test,So http://www.jingxinzhilv.cn later, call you,My sincerity is very,Tomorrow, we talk about it.,How about it?”

“it is good。”
Qin Rui Rong didn’t want to agree。
Lin Jiang said after an address,Hang up the phone。
“Who is……this late。”
Bed,A woman who is sleeping is coming。
Qin Ruirong did not answer,But the face is an excitement that emerges.。
After the Palace Paul,Why did Qinjia have to marry Qinling into the forest home?,It is not to look at the Thousand Fengsheng Group,Want to divide a piece?。
However, the small people in the Qinling are hard.,I didn’t take her back home several times.。
And he and the big brother Qin Rui have suffered a loss in the small breed.。
Recently,Big Brother is preparing to fracture with others to deal with that small hybrid,Can be a few days before you are about to go to http://www.hrblqsxz.cn Qinghai,The big brother suddenly turned down.。
Cerebral bleeding。
I still are still in the hospital,Can’t move,Life can’t be self-care,The whole person is like stupid。
And he also took over the Qin family.,Be a helmmer。
Qin Ruirong is excited,Can’t help but go back and forth。
Qinjia,Will embark on another peak in your own hands!
Shuiyun Villa Community。
A villa’s study,Lin Zifeng looked at Linjiang who put down the phone,Can’t help but ask,“dad,You want to cooperate with Qinjia?I remember that you refused them more than once.。”
“hehe,Different past days,In the same year……Qin family four brothers all competing,How do I dare to cooperate with them?,But now it’s different.,Qin is dead,Qin Lao Da lived in the hospital,Only two people and old four people,It’s been insufficient.。”
Toned,His mouth is outlined。
“When you create a thousand peaks,Originally, three,We Linjia,Golden house,And Qin Jia,But Qin family was finally kicked out.,For so many years,They are definitely unwilling,I am willing to work with Qin family now.,But Jin Dong may not be willing.,Hehehe。”Lin Zifeng eyes bright,“You want……Kill people?”
NS711chapter Unexpected message
early morning,Red Day East,The gorgeous gorgeous。
After eating breakfast,Summer is once again sent to the study room by Jinjiang。
He was obviously not resting last night.,Slightly exhaustion between looks,A complicated complex。
Jindong thought a night,Some ideas now。
He thought of creating a thousand peaks in the year and Linjiang,At that time,The two relationships are harmonious and tacit,Connect various suffering,Step by step to push thousands of peaks to the peak。
What are the two starting to guess each other??
He has forgotten。
I only know the dispute from the initial concept.,Rising demands of rights and interests。