Crossing the Workplace Generation Gap

Crossing the “Workplace Generation Gap”

No matter if you are new to the workplace or an “old bird” who has switched to a new workplace, you will often be surprised to find that not everyone around you is the same age.
Working with people of different ages, cultural backgrounds, and career histories, we cannot avoid the existence of a “generational generation gap”.
So, how to easily cross the “workplace generation gap”?
  Pave the runway Case 1: Yu Ming transferred to a logistics company and found that he was in a bad situation-there were a group of people to middle-aged colleagues, and a group of college student colleagues who just left the school.
He tried hard to be part of the team, but it didn’t take long for him to find it difficult to communicate with them. Yu Ming simply ignored anyone, which made him more isolated.
Finally, the unbearable gap caused him to submit a resignation report to the department manager.
  The manager advised him to try to communicate more with his colleagues and decide whether to submit a resignation report after one month.
The manager said: “At the same time you feel the generation gap, colleagues are also bothered by the generation gap.
The generation gap is not a matter for you alone, but for the entire team. Avoidance is not the answer.
“Yu Ming thought about the manager’s words and found it reasonable. Even if he resigned to a new company, it is hard to guarantee that he will not encounter a generation gap.
He began to chat and communicate with colleagues from the perspective of colleagues, and he was very helpful in helping colleagues.
Soon, Yu Ming found that although everyone had different lifestyles and attitudes to life, there were still many places where colleagues could talk.
A month later, Yu Ming tore the resignation report.
  The generation gap is a difficult point that plagues communication and communication. To overcome the obstacles of the generation gap, we must first choose a communication and communication method that the other party can accept.
Second, be good to others.
Smile is a language that is understandable and acceptable to all ages.
Third, don’t be too impatient.
The “generation gap” is caused by the age difference of several years or even decades, so it is not realistic to solve the generation gap problem once and for all.
Turning “enemy” into a friend Case 2: Pay attention to workplace qualifications is a “hidden rule” that exists in many traditional enterprises, so there are some “selling old people” who like to rely on the old and sell old.
Azhen, who has just graduated, works as a clerk in a sales company, but her colleagues in the office are much older than her, and two colleagues are well-known “selling old people”.
The two “selling old people” interfered with Azhen’s work and life in a “come-to-person” manner and guided everything, making Azhen unable to display his talents.
  A Zhenjing settled down to analyze the mentality of “selling old people” and felt that she could understand the behavior of “selling old people”.
Compared to the arrival of their younger newcomers, the “sold by the old people” may feel threatened, and instinctively have hostility, referring to the “sold by the old man”, in fact, they can also be regarded as the “shock” they faced by the new peopleHelpless self-protection.
  It is important to work with the “selling old people”, and it is important to eliminate the generation gap with the “selling old people”, because they can not only help the newcomers with the greatest help, but also set the biggest obstacles.Depends on the attitude of the newcomer.
He chose to respect and understand the “selling old people”.
Azhen is very polite every time she talks about selling old folks, and she listens to her ears. But what she should do is still in her own way.
After achieving the results, she did not forget to thank the “pointing” of the “selling old people”.
A Zhen won the favor of two “sold veteran” colleagues, and they both became good friends who helped A Zhen to be happy.
  Understanding and respecting “old seniors” is the best way to fill the gap between generations and “sell old people”.
If you look at the old man and the old man from a different perspective, you will find that their behavior of relying on the old man and selling the old man has some guidance and reference for “newcomers”. Through their “teaching”, they can become familiar with the work as soon as possible and integrate into the team.
Of course, you can’t just “acquisitively sell” the old people or flatter yourself, otherwise it will make people feel that you are always a “newbie” who has no opinion and cannot stand alone.
However, to oppose the “selling of the old people”, we must be careful about the other person’s face, pay attention to methods and methods, do not oppose in public, try to avoid positive conflicts, and it is best to use private talk to express different views.
There is no “ditch” in mind. Case 3: Since the first day of work, Xiaoxiang has paid special attention to eliminating the generation gap with colleagues.
Compared with his older colleagues, Xiaoxiang treats them as a teacher and has always been obedient.
The chat told them everything in the heart, and when he encountered a colleague telling him, he listened patiently to his colleague.
Xiaoxiang quickly won sensible and obedient evaluations.
But this “communication” also has serious negative effects.
Xiaoxiang found that his psychological endurance seemed to be at the limit. When he encountered an older colleague, he felt pressure. The colleagues did not seem to take him seriously, let alone respect.What’s more, Xiaoxiang’s speech and manners became cramped, and he was afraid that if there was a mistake, the “generation gap” would get worse.

This directly affects his ability to work.

  On one occasion, a colleague who was regarded as “Big Brother” wanted to change his job. It was believed that it was from Xiaoxiang. Xiaoxiang explained that he didn’t believe it.

Since then, the “big brother” and Xiao Xiang have been out of touch.

Soon, there was a rumor in the company that Xiaoxiang was lazy at work and was late and left early. Xiaoxiang didn’t know how to clarify. It was very painful.

In desperation, Xiaoxiang changed jobs and changed units.

After arriving at the new unit, Xiaoxiang reviewed the previous lesson and felt that the last time he lost his sand was because he paid too much attention to the “generation gap”, which turned the “generation gap” into a heavy burden. He was too cautious and positioned himself in the “ditch”.At the end “.

  After arriving at the new unit, Xiaoxiang paid attention to keeping a proper distance from his colleagues.

He only talks about work and not life in the company.

He noticed that “no gap” in his mind can inadvertently dilute the “generation gap”.

Xiaoxiang changed his strategy and returned to work. Because of the differences between the “generation gap”, he also insisted on discussing the matter and no longer gave up his name in order to bridge the “generation gap” on the surface.

Xiaoxiang’s ability to work is very strong. Every month, his newcomer is not only accepted by colleagues, but also won respect.

  Many times, deliberately eliminating the “generation gap” will merge and strengthen the replacement of the “generation gap”.

The “triple jump” that crosses the “generation gap” in the workplace requires the most relaxed state.

There is no “ditch” in my heart. Ignore the inferiority of the “smaller generation” and adjust my mindset. I think that my senior colleagues, but also try to maintain my own personality, make the “generation gap” invisible by naturally running in.

  If there is no “ditch” in your heart, you must have the courage to communicate with colleagues who have “generation gaps” on an equal footing, discuss, and use your own work ability and performance to make the other party recognize themselves.