Shen Ruoxue is starting to act like a baby

“To take advantage of your older sister’s,Where is she,She is the real big tyrant,I am a little cow and horse compared to her。”
Qin Liang said happily。
“Don’t you pull me into the water? Your sister-in-law wants you to treat me,It’s nothing to do with me, okay? It’s nothing to do with me. I’ll be responsible for following it.。”
Chapter three thousand five hundred and twenty seven I haven’t figured out a way until now
Cold night wind,Shen Siyin has a warm smile on her face like never before。
She is carrying a brand new scarf,This is from Chu Qingwan,Her first time,A gift from a friend,She cherished her tightly。
Oh my friend……
She took a deep breath,At the last moment of life,I even have friends……
Open the door in front of you,The smile on her face suddenly freezes on her face!
on the sofa,Man sitting with slender legs crossed,Bing Han’s eyes look over,A gloomy cold……
“Zong Han。”Shen Siyin’s face quickly paled:“How could you……”
“What happened?”Xiao Zonghan stand up,Pinch her neck with one hand,watch intently:“The marshal doesn’t know his marshal wife yet,Not going back in the middle of the night、Which man did he hook up with outside??”He said,One hard,So I pulled Shen Siyin over。
Shen Siyin was thrown to the sofa,Knees on the ground,But my hands subconsciously protected my lower abdomen。Xiao Zonghan’s eyes became colder,Grabbed her hair,The dark gaze fell on her face:“Say,Which wild man gave this?”
He was referring to the scarf that was expensive at a glance。
Shen Siyin pale:“Yes,It was from Miss Chu,I’m with her……”
“Chu Qingwan?”Man sneer,“When did Qingwan be so good with you??She can see someone like you?”