“Yes,So old there is no object,There must be a problem,Can’t be confused by his appearance。”

Jiang Li:“Rest assured,I will never be fooled by him,I just want to get through these ten days earlier。”
Said again:“I’m so worried now,To stay here for ten days,But I didn’t wear any underwear,How will I spend these ten days??Can sisters come up with an idea?”
This is her most troublesome problem besides Liu Qing’s threat。
Liu Qing’s threat is only her imagination,May not actually happen。
But this trouble is real。
Now every building in this community is blocked,Because of the existence of a confirmed patient,More stringent。
Can’t get in or out,To solve the problem of changing clothes,It’s not easy。
Discussed in the group for a long time,Did not discuss a feasible way。
Jiang Li didn’t stay in this group for too long,Feel almost done,Walked out of the bedroom。
Liu Qing has already started decorating the living room,Ready to record the show。
This afternoon,They have to finish《The mystery of Tang Seng’s Westward Journey》in、Recording of the next two episodes。
She is wearing that suit againolSuit,Wearing black silk high heels,Participated in the recording of the show。
The program recording is relatively smooth,From more than one in the afternoon to about five in the afternoon,We have finished the recording。