Lai Zongzi (“Benhuayan Herbal Supplement”)[Synonym]Radish (“Rihuazi Herbal”).

  [Source]is the mature seed of the cruciferous plant, Lycoris radiata.

  Plant shape Yanglai purlin.

  [Pharmacological action]① Antibacterial effect Laizizi contains antibacterial substances, and its active ingredient lycopene has a significant inhibitory effect on staphylococcal antibiotics at a concentration of 1 mg / ml, and can affect the germination of various plant seeds.

  Later, an oil, called Sulforaphen, was isolated from Rhizoma japonica, and the concentration of 1% can fight the growth of streptococcus, pyococcus, pneumococcus, and E. coli.

  Some people think that it may be the same substance. ② Antimicrobial effect Laizizi water extract (1: 3) has different degrees of inhibition on six skin fungi such as concentric trichophyton in test tubes.

  ③ Extracts of other variants, fed to mice for a long time, can interfere with the synthesis of thyroxine[toxicity]Lycetin is slightly toxic to mice and isolated frog hearts.

  [Processing]Lai Zhizi: Crush to remove impurities, rinse the soil, remove, dry, and smash when used.

  Fried Lai Zongzi: Take the net Lai Zongzi, and fry it in a pan with simmering heat until slightly swollen, with the aroma as the degree. Remove and let cool.

  [Sexual taste]Xin Gan, flat.

  ① “Southern Yunnan Materia Medica”: warm nature, Weixin.

  ② “Outline”: Xin Gan, Ping, non-toxic.

  ③ “Remedy for Jade”: Xin, heat.

  ④ “Medicine in Chinese Medicine and Western Records”: raw taste Weixin, temperament; stir-fry temperature.

  [Guijing]into the lungs, stomach.

  ① “Southern Yunnan Materia Medica”: into the spleen and lungs.

  ② “Medical Drugs”: enter the spleen and stomach.

  ③ “Compendium of Materia Medica”: enter the liver and lungs.

  [Function Indication-Laizizi effect]Dingqi asthma, digestion and phlegm elimination.

  Treatment of cough, breathing, asthma, stagnation of food, stagnation, chest tightness and bloating, and heavy after pus.

  ① “Rihuazi Materia Medica”: water research clothing, spitting wind: vinegar research to reduce swelling and poison.

  ② “Medicinal herbs for daily use”: cure yellow paralysis and skin yellowish gold, small water heat red.

  ③ “Southern Yunnan Materia Medica”: in the lower air width, eliminate swelling, reduce sputum, fix wheezing, attack gastrointestinal stagnation, cure lumps, and have abdominal pain

  ④ “Outline”: Dingqi asthma, phlegm, digestion, debulking, urination and urination, stop qi pain, heavy after diarrhea, sores.

  ⑤ Compendium of Medical Forestry: Raw use, spitting wind, wide chest ridges, sore rash; heat use, lowering sputum, removing sputum, attacking and accumulating sputum, and regaining weight after treatment.

  ⑥ “Renewal of Materia Medica”: Resolving Phlegm and Wind, Dispelling Evil Sweating.

  Follow the “Dietary Spectrum of Living with Interest”: cure phlegm, cough, wheezing, suffocation, head wind, drowning, and taking supplements by mistake.

  [Usage and Dosage]Oral: Jiantang, 1.

5-3 money; or into pills, scattered.

  Topical: apply powder at the end of research.

  [Should be avoided]Those with qi deficiency should be cautious.

  ”Compendium of Materia Medica”: Weak people will be subdued, asthma is difficult to breathe.

  [Selection]① Treatment of accumulated cough, phlegm, wheezing, saliva, pus and blood: Lai Zhizi combined, research, decoction, and food.

  (“Xin Yi Xin Jing”) ② Treatment of whooping cough: white radish seeds, roasted and ground fine powder.

  White granulated sugar is delivered to the body, several times a day.

  (“Jiangxi Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine” (12): 1963) ③ For the treatment of sputum, phlegm and sputum, those who encounter thick taste are immediately radiated: radish seeds are washed out, steamed, dried, ground, ginger juice-dipping steamed cakes, and green beans are large.

  Thirty pills per serving, swallowed by mouth, three servings a day.

  (Fu Zi’s “Medical Integration” Qingjin Pill) ④ Treatment of cough and phlegm in the elderly: perilla seed, white mustard seed, radish seed.  Wash the upper three flavors, stir-fry, crush, and use a sachet of raw silk to cook them for soup.

  With the purpose of Gan, use tea instead of tea, it should not be too much.

  (“Han’s Medical Tong” Sanzi Yangqin Tang) ⑤ rule all food products: Shancha Liuliang, Divine Comedy 22, Pinellia terrestris, each three or two, Chenpi, Forsythia, radish seeds one or two.

  The top is the end, the cooking cake pill is as big as a wuzi.

  Seven or eighty pills per serving, Shiyuan, under the white soup.

  (“Danxi Heart Method” Baohe Pill) ⑥ Treatment of flatulence and flatulence: Laizizi, grind, filter with water, dip sand for one or two, one night, stir-fry, dip and fry, seven times as the last.

  One serving per meter.

  (“Zhu’s Collection of Medical Examination Recipes”) There are accumulated problems in treating dysentery, but it is impossible to succeed: Lai zongzi five dollars, white peony three dollars, rhubarb one dollar, woody incense five points.


  (“Fang Mai Authentic”) ⑧ rule wind secret qi secret: turnip seeds (fried) a combination, simmering water, and acacia powder two servings.

  (“Shou Yu Shen Fang”) ⑨Government stroke 噤: radish seeds, tooth acacia two dollars each.

  Take decoction and spit.

  (Zhu Zhenheng) Qi Zhifeng headache and migraine: Lai Lingzi half two, ginger juice half together.

  The upper phase and the ground are very fine, take the juice, add a small amount of musk, shake in the nose, and use it for migraine.

  (“Puji Fang”) ⑾ treatment of pediatric pangastric pain: radish seeds fried yellow, ground.

  Frankincense soup served for half a dollar.

  (“Renzhai Direct Interview”) ⑿ treatment of toothache: 27 seeds of radish seeds, remove red skin, and study carefully.

  With human milk, the left toothache is a little bit in the right nose, and the right toothache is the middle of the left nose.

  (“Sheng Hui Fang”) ⒀ treatment of bruises, blood stasis and pain: Lai Lingzi two or two, raw research, rotten, hot wine dressing.

  (“Fang Mai Authentic”)[Beyond the Masters]①Zhu Zhenheng: Lai Xunzi treats phlegm and has the ability to push the wall down.

  ② “Outline”: Lai Xunzi’s work is better than good.

  Energy can rise, maturity can fall, ascension will spit wind and phlegm, scattered wind cold, sores; descending will set sputum asthma cough, reduce the severity of pus, relieve internal pain, are all beneficial effects.

  ③ “Ben Cao Jing Shu”: Lai Zhizi, Weixin is too root, because of its hard, so the power of lifting is also stronger than the root also.

  ④ “Compendium of Materia Medica”: radish seeds, which can cure bloating, but among ancient people, ginseng, the performance is like god.

  Ginseng was originally a medicine for removing asthma and bloating. Laiyaozi is the best solution for ginseng.

Madame Ginseng except for asthma and bloating, is also a cure for asthma and bloating. Deficiency symptoms reflect the phenomenon of false reality. Ginseng rushes into it until the place where it is swollen.In other words, unless the increase in bloating is a temporary phenomenon, it will naturally calm down, but it will not be cured in the end. If you add radish seeds to make ginseng, the bloat will not increase, and you will only have the benefits of bloating.The so-called phase system and complement each other.

  Or ask radish seeds to explain ginseng. If you use radish seeds, ginseng will not help.

  I do n’t know radish seeds and ginseng.

  Ginseng gets radish seeds, its function is more divine, covering ginseng to replenish qi. Suddenly gasping will be uncomfortable. It is not a symptom that relieves wheezing. If you get radish seeds to perform its supplementary qi, it will be flat and easy.There is more than sub-Qing Qi, and non-deficiency Qi is not enough. Real ginseng is used to flatten Qi, while non-made ginseng is used to hurt Qi.

  ⑤ “Medicine and Chinese Medicine”: Lai Zhizi, whether raw or fried, can smooth the Qi and stagnate, and eliminate swelling and fullness. This is a product of qi, not a product of breaking qi.

  Gaifan’s Qi-eliminating medicine, single-serving Jiufu, has no one that does not hurt, but Laizizi is cooked at the end, taking money when moving after meals, so as to digest and smoothen Qi, not to hurt Qi, because it can enter moreDiet and Qi can be self-reliant.

  If you are expecting Man Kaiyu, you can use ginseng, differentiation, and various medicines to supplement it.