But honestly,Someone who can think so,Must rarely watch Hu Lai’s game。

Haihe Shuanggang goalkeeper Huang Anjie, who moved to Zhang Qinghuan with the football, followed the football back again,He saw Hu Lai stretch his right leg while turning back,So even though he wasn’t in place yet, he threw himself sideways。
Hu Lai’s straight right foot hit the football on the back of the instep!
The football is like a cannonball going straight over the goal!
Huang Anjie, who leaped against the turf, was doomed to save the ball.,He can only pray,I pray that Hu Lai will hit the plane directly!
But this is Hu Lai!
The football hit the bottom edge of the crossbar,Make a crisp sound,Bounced into the goal!
“Pretty!!Pretty!!Pretty!!!”Anton TV sports channel commentator chanted in the commentary booth,Hoarse。“Hu Lai!!Open scoring at the 33rd minute,Flash Star leads the Chinese Super League team Haihe Shuanggang in the game!He and Chen Xingyi、The tacit cooperation between Zhang Qinghuan,Two or three times to tear open the defense line of Haihe Shuanggang!Whether it is Fan Hongpeng,Or Han Yan、Tongxin,Including goalkeeper Huang Anjie,Were all played around by the three of them!”
He also said something later,But I can’t hear clearly,The cheers at the scene were like a dense thunderstorm directly covering the sky above the Provincial Sports Center!
The Flashstar fans in every stand jumped up,When they fall again,The earth seems to be shaking!
Hulai, who scored a goal, ran to the corner flag area,In the tsunami,He did not make his own signature celebration,But back to the camera lens,Raise your hands,Thumb down and point to the jersey number and name behind him。
Introduce yourself again:
Goal scorer,Twinkle 14,Hu Lai!
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Seven Prosperous years
“Chen Xingyi inside cut!Pretty!He dribbles sideways……Tongxin!Hand the ball to hula……Zhang Qinghuan!Passed back to Hu Lai!Hu Lai!!Hu Lai——Pretty!!Pretty!!Pretty!!!”
The commentator on the TV is yelling hoarsely。