The old man is immersed in a battle between gods and monsters that is rare in a lifetime,Weird expression,Intoxicated,I can understand if I’m a bit long-winded,Li Tianzhen look at Shen Yingjie,Implying her patience。

“Two gods were hit hard one after another,The fiery demon in the lead swishes into the air,It turned into a meteor and rushed directly into the temple on the top of the mountain,I’m all so cold,So ashamed,Compared with these gods and demons,I’m just waiting for ants,How can I take care of the Great Suppression Array in the Underground Palace?
“There is a loud rumbling in the temple,Like thunder,Soon moved to the underground palace,Take a long time,Just when I was waiting for despair,A white light rose into the sky in the temple,The fairy is here again,Holding a charcoal-like body in his hand,It’s the flame devil,Motionless at this moment,Like dead,It turns out that Fairy has never left。”
“Two gods will meet the fairy,Also refreshed,Once again explode,But after all, two to seven,Still unable to win the opponent,Fairy furious,Are your two brains really broken??Jiuxing Lianzhu!”
“The two gods are still hesitating,Suddenly I heard the fairy rushing into the distance,Where is the evildoer?stop!Then left the body of the flame god,Turn into a white light and chase towards the northeast corner,There are still demons?!This fairy is so good,Soon there will be flames,It’s dark,Seeing the Earthquake,Cracked mountains,Much fiercer than here。
“I waited eagerly for the fairy to return victorious,Unexpectedly, the sound of fighting seems to fade away,Everyone started to panic again,Because the two gods will fall into the wind again,Dangerous,It can’t be worse,Suddenly the god holding a huge sword shouted,Body soaring,Beat one’s chest,Spit out five shiny balls from the mouth,Shining in the night sky,Another god will see,Why bother with a secret sigh,So he slammed his chest,Spit out the other four balls from the mouth,Nine balls with dazzling brilliance are arranged in a dragon pattern in the night sky,It really is nine stars。
“The demons turned into meteorites were shocked,Fled one after another,Two gods will sit in mid-air,Have words in your mouth,Those nine divine beads hovered two times above the two of them,Suddenly dispersed,Turn into eight aurora and fly in different directions,The remaining one rushed directly from the air and swallowed the motionless Flame God Demon in one bite.,It fell on the ground and turned into a white jade finger。”
“what?!”Li Tianzhen was taken aback。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixty Four Underground black hole
Old man doubts,I don’t understand why Li Tianzhen had such a strong reaction,It’s not even clear that a jade pull finger stolen by Zhang Zhiqiang has caused an uproar in the outside world.。
“so,Yu pulls the finger and traps the old demon in it?”
“A total of nine monsters,Nine fingers?”
“Not bad!”