Six tips to prevent gum bleeding

Six tips to prevent gum bleeding

Six Tips for Preventing Gingival Hemorrhage by Stomatologist Health Guidance1.

Go to the dentistry department to have the doctor remove the tartar and calculus in the mouth in time, but don’t scrape it with a knife to avoid injury.


After getting sick, gargle with normal saline or a gargle containing medicine. Close the mouth tightly when you gargle, fully move the gargle, repeatedly impact the teeth and food residues, and then spit out.


Develop good chewing habits and chew slowly, which can promote the secretion of digestive juice, facilitate the full digestion of food, and promote circulation, which is beneficial to the health of periodontal tissues.

Get rid of unilateral chewing habits.


Tooth decay in the morning and evening, and a few knocks up and down can improve circulation and promote the metabolism of gum tissue.


Brush your teeth correctly, brush them up and down, and stick to each part dozens of times, once in the morning and evening, to completely remove the plaque and residue in the gap.


For gum massage, place your forefinger on the gums, perform a small circular motion massage movement, and then rinse your mouth so that the gum area that each tooth belongs to is massaged repeatedly.