Gu Shuiyao immediately stared at Shen Huan’s eyes。

Shen Huan also came from acting,Nod at sight:“Do not worry,Attorney Zhuang is here,We must be legal and reasonable,To commute him as much as possible!Too much to say,But finally reduced to10Under year,That definitely can!”
“Really!?”Hope flashed in Gu Shuiyao’s eyes。
“of course it’s true。”At this moment, Shen Huan’s eyes are on Yang Shu,“I talk and do things,Never unsure,Guaranteed things,Sure to achieve。”
“That’s good,That’s good!”
Gu Shuiyao didn’t notice a blush on her face。
From just now15Bad news,Suddenly there is hope of halving,Who won’t be happy?
Moreover,Who is Shen Huan?
People are rich and well-connected,Still a genius,What he promised,Definitely right!
No matter if Shen Huan is really reliable,Anyway, now Gu Shuiyao thinks Shen Huan is reliable。
She can only believe that Shen Huan is reliable。
Yang Shu is naturally more happy。
She knew that Shen Huan’s last words were to herself。
Yang Shu also knows,Shen Huan is young,But very calm。