Jennings’ career three-pointer percentage is not very high,Not yet35%。
The rookie season was pretty good,Have37.4%,But in the next two seasons32%、33%Left and right。
Plus now I’m taking a shot,It’s strange to get in!
“What to do if you can’t invest?”
Jennings has a very iron head,But he is not a fool!
The head coach Da Fan on the sidelines looked dissatisfied.,Dafan has a high status in the team,After all, it’s a grasp of operation management,Such a head coach is generally a little majestic。
Can’t vote anymore!
What to do?
If you return at this time,Media reporters will definitely exaggerate,Then his glorious image in this life would be ruined!
No way!
I have to do something!
Jennings’ brains are spinning fast.