But this old man,According to the record, it is a world of mental flow。

The whole white bone mountain,There are only three world powers,But only one old man,Deterrence exceeds Hefengzong。It also dominates the eighty-seven chaotic world。
Cangxue Country,Twelve world powers on the bright side,Command a hundred and fifteen chaotic worlds,The Lord of the Cangxue Kingdom is also an extremely powerful world god,Once wrestled with the old man with bones。
By contrast,Saint Cloud Gate will be much weaker,The Master of Saint Cloud Gate is also a more evil existence,Control the chaotic world of one party with mystery,It feels a bit like for Li Ming‘Lord of the Demon’,Eight world realm powers jointly command the seventy-one chaotic world。
Qinghemen,Very low key,Five World Powers,But it commanded a very special name‘Qinghe Star’The stars,And the eleven chaotic worlds around。But a low-key,Self-reliant forces。
In addition to these five forces,There are three solo worlds,Including Fairy Lan Yi,Survive in the cracks of the five major forces。
Of course no one dare to underestimate them。
And the contradiction between these five forces,The most important thing is Baigushan,The old man with bones made several shots,Killed all the creatures in the chaotic world,Absorb the sins and refine the magic weapon。Other quartet forces,The master of Saint Cloud Gate is also quite evil,Also hostile to him。
after all,Everyone is dead,How to play with people?Other forces,I’m afraid he kills too many creatures,Influence the foundation of this force。
Although the four forces are faintly joining forces,But there are contradictions inside。
Qinghe Gate also looks down on http://www.wfshicheng.cn Saint Cloud Gate,The master of the Saint Cloud Gate and the master of the Cangxue Kingdom also have enemies。
Chapter VII select
Although quite grudge,The other four forces are faintly targeting White Bone Mountain,But overall it’s fairly peaceful。”
For ancestor gods who don’t have any special skills—The fastest way to earn Chaos Spirit Liquid is to join the army of the four major forces—to be exact,Is to join the three major forces besides the White Bone Mountain Qinghe Gate,Serve as Ancestral Sergeant in their army。
This is the most stable way to earn wealth。
And if it’s appreciated by the world,Even accepted as a disciple,It turned over directly。
As for the White Bone Mountain,Only crazy people are willing to join,After all, the old man with bones is too evil,Will give all the disciples under the sect a seed of http://www.suninhome.cn heart,fully control。
Qinghemen,Not accepting soldiers at all,It’s a force with very few strong。
And the other three forces,Each recruits troops。