Yang Shiyun sighed secretly,And immediately concentrated,Began to pay close attention to the development of the situation。

“You thief!Stole my stuff and dare to hit others!”
The middle-aged woman got a big mouth by the guy,Immediately shouted louder,She called,One side pushed the thief desperately back and forth。
“Fuck you fucking bitch!You are crazy!”
Seeing that slap didn’t make much difference,Heart,I just continued to move my hand,Hit the middle-aged woman’s head several times,Body!
“No beating!call police!call police!”
Some people in the onlookers are eager to come out to stop the violence!Some people are already calling the police!The situation at the scene instantly became more chaotic!
Middle-aged women are really tough!After getting several heavy punches in a row,But it inspired her fighting spirit,She stretched out her other hand,Grabbed the young man tightly with both hands……
“I think you fucking don’t want to live anymore!”The young man can’t get rid of the woman’s hands,He scolded,Then raise the leg,He kicked the middle-aged woman’s belly hard again!
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The first thousand nine hundred and thirty-eight chapters Last warning
? Seeing that middle-aged women will be beaten again,Yang Shiyun can’t bear it anymore!She struggled to squeeze out the crowd,Flashed to the boy’s side,While he was out,And kicked the leg on which he was standing.!
“thump”Bang!That guy caught off guard,Was kicked directly to the ground!