Restrained myself today,Not too much playing with mobile phones,The urge to lie down on the bed when tired。

Clap yourself,Feel great,Keep going。All right,I want to continue studying,Give yourself some fuel,comeon。
Set yourself a small goal every day,It will be easier to achieve this small goal。But there is a slight flaw,Wake up in the morning and recite words in bed,Fell asleep on his back,It wasn’t until noon that my mother and I started the video.,Mother’s advice,Eat on time every day,Sleep on time,I think mother’s advice is really necessary,Because I don’t eat regularly,Sleep on time,Do whatever you want,I should change this habit,Although no one urges me all the time,But I still have to urge myself。
2020year7 month14day
The more you learn, the more you feel the lack of knowledge,I really feel that I lack a lot of knowledge,Politics is fine,Then follow the key points drawn by the teacher,English and professional courses,I really feel that the more you learn, the more you collapse,Many books for professional courses,The test is more complicated,Don’t know where the point is,So it takes more time for professional。
English,I haven’t even finished the vocabulary yet,Sentence pattern,read,Translation and composition,I don’t know how to review when I get to English every day,Too much knowledge,And although the postgraduate entrance examination had thoughts before, but never took action,So really,Too much knowledge of English,And the goal I set for myself is quite high,Feels a little impractical,But I didn’t plan to,Do everything possible,I still have a dream,In case of hell。
There is not a lot of time for reviewing professional courses today,Start tomorrow,Review professional courses first,Then English politics looks like this,Start slowly this month,Accumulate slowly,Recite in August,Exercise。
Tomorrow’s task is ready,I can only bless myself,Come on。Also give yourself eight words:Get up early and go to bed early,eat on time。
Remember to remember
when you are alone,It’s really hard to restrain yourself。When I finished eating today,I re-played the TV series I watched before,Although I really want to restrain myself,Tell yourself that you must not open,But my hands can’t control my heart,Has violated my heart,This is idealism。
I feel like I’m crazy when I type this sentence。Then I watched the TV series for a while before continuing,Then I opened another video with my mother in the middle,Wasted some more time,Today’s task has not been completed,Some tasks are always in a state of being owed,but me,But never made up。
Say there is no time,But I put a video over there while I was eating,Listen over there while cleaning up the room,Retell as you listen,If you don’t understand anymore, listen,What does it matter,No time, just an excuse for myself,I really hope I don’t make any more excuses,After all, the ending will not accompany me in acting。
Today’s review, including the rest, is slowly adjusting,I hope I can maintain a good condition all the time to face what I have learned。
When chatting with mother today,Mother said we knew one16Year old little sister is getting married soon,My goodness,I was stunned after listening to me。
I have always felt that a child’s little girl,I’m about to get married now and I’m about to become a mother,She is still a child。