Did his sales department,Agreement company,Let him no one can use,This will try to die.?

Idea,But purely thinking more。
Even if the city is blocked,There is a group of teams in the county.。
Although the number is not much,But all are professional sales staff,You can use it。
Yang Kai suddenly:“I can help my hand,My dad has sales department,The county is not good.,The house is not selling,I am still idle.,Would you like me to talk to my dad?,First exhaust some people to use?”
have to,It is still solved in this point.……Wang Liuxin:“Ok, deal,Call your dad,Take him with me for me,Waiting for the county,I invite him to drink a cup.,Acknowledgment。”
“Row,I must take http://www.aukma.cn the words to。”Yang Kai smiled,Pull out your mobile phone,I played the phone on the spot.。
Wang Flow also pulls out mobile phone,I called Duanmei,In the city,The sales work in the county is responsible for her.。
“Hey,Wang, you are looking for me.?”Telephone connection,Duan Mei’s crisp sound。
Wang traffic is a sound,askdHow is the recent sales situation in the county?,Have you sold a few suites??”
“Just tell you,Just just,The last suite has also been sold.,Jinxiu Garden Project,Officially cleaning。”
“Happened,Notify the sales department owner,Immediately,Have a new job to you。”
“Yes。”Duan Mei didn’t ask,A mouthful。
hang up the phone,Yang Kai is also finished,The face is smile:“nailed it,12personal,Immediate,Can you get two hours。”
Voice is just,Wang Zhixin also hurried back,Enter the door:“The situation http://www.055411.cn is basically found.,Wideland is called Guangyuan City,Also pre-sale,Close to the city center,The specific information of the real estate is here.,You look at it yourself.。”
Said to hand it to a document。
Wang traffic is getting started,The more you look at the corner of your mouth,The heart is still a pile of his ass.,I still want to come to black me.?
Since you want to find it,Then don’t blame me.,Waiting for the meeting,Who is it? Who is it?。
Chapter 89 Conference
Published in the hotel,Rent room,Temporary act as a venue。
Quite large,Less to say two hundred flat,At this moment, it has been full。
First, Hongxing boss is suspected of being caught,Then execute,Joint Guangyuan threatened to be discussed,Then the Hongxing himself should also convene a press conference,A series of operations are dazzled,Obviously, http://www.qdjiyazhailipin.cn news hotspots。
And hotspots always have a media reported wind direction,Received the message basically,High enthusiasm,On-site seat,Or debug equipment、Or handling the annual meaning、Or bow-handed draft,Nervous and busy。
At 3 pm。
When the Wang is quasi-time,Wang Zhixin、Yang Kai、Wu Hui、Luo Guanhua and others are accompanying,The company’s executives are basically coming.,Lineup is huge,All face is serious,It seems that there is a hardece and deciduous。
A group of people just entered the field,The last second second is still a busy scene.,Everyone does not mind and look at the macro,Silently watching a group of people sitting down,Ready to open。
There are quite people……Wang traffic sweeps the scene,I am very satisfied with my heart.,Reach your hand touches the microphone,Laugh,As if it is self-laugh,Sink:
“Thank you for coming to join,The news believes that everyone has heard of it.,Be right,The former sales director of Hongxing, Qi is officially left this morning.,Also take away the sales department18Salesperson,The collective hopping went to Guangyuan Real Estate,And also threaten to say that Hongxing,I want to be smell、Die of death。
I have already sorted out before the consequences,Let’s see it yourself.,I am not more narrative here.。”
Yang Kailin god,Plight:“The staff distributes articles to the media,Please watch。”
Fall into the voice,There are employees to go out,Holding a ready-made article,One by one。
Sit in front row,First get the media of the article,Look down at your eyes,Face is suddenly wonderful,Eyes more focuses,Can’t wait to look down。
I can’t help but ask:“Article said on the article,Qi Zeaixing and the separation of salesperson were drunk by Guangyuan high salary?Instead of being pressed by Hongxing,Intibone indignation?”
“Sales group collective hopping,It is equivalent to saying that the Hongxing Sales Department has now been available.?”