Summer Owner’s Diet

Summer Owner’s Diet

When summer comes, appetite is not good, and it is easy to eat bad stomach.

Wang Lili, an office worker in her early 40s, remembers that when she was in college, the summer work was very hot and she could n’t eat. So she eats red bean sorbet every day. After a summer vacation, instead of losing weight because of bad appetite, she gained 4 minutes.
Lin Meiling, a young woman who has always been thin, gets thinner as soon as summer, because she ca n’t eat much for breakfast, and she has no appetite for lunch. She only drinks a variety of drinks throughout the day. She always feels annoying and tired all summer.

How to eat fresh and healthy in the summer, avoid obesity, and easily copyright your figure?

  Everyone’s inevitable “Summer dysphagia” Why can’t you eat in summer?

The reasons are as follows: The temperature is high. Japanese dietitians point out that for every 10 ° C increase in temperature, the body will reduce the average need for 70 calories, and the amount required by the body will be reduced in summer, so that people do not feel obese.

  Dehydration In summer, people do not feel water evaporation in air-conditioned rooms, so there is less water intake, but the gastrointestinal tissue has been slightly dehydrated, which affects appetite.

  Drinking too much sugary beverages is easy to get thirsty in summer. Some people are used to pouring sugary beverages. “Sugar” is a natural appetite suppressant. Sugar can be quickly absorbed by the blood, which makes people feel full.Can not eat, forming a vicious circle.

  Smart Summer Eats Many people ca n’t eat summer, so they often choose a lot of cool or light-looking food to deal with summer, but is it good to eat like this?

Will I get fatter?

  There are many pitfalls to common summer eating habits. What makes a smart choice?

  ● Boiling water replaces cold drinks. Because of the heat, people often drink a cup of ice or bowl of ice after a meal, but a cup of pearl milk tea has a total of 240 cards, a can of green milk tea 185 cards, a can of ice coffee 115 cards, and an ice cream 280 cards.

When we drink, we only feel like we are quenching our thirst, but we do n’t feel like having a drink. However, the next big trouble is because our body consumes 100 calories, but we need to climb the stairs for 27 minutes or walk for 1 hour.What about doing this?

  You can drink boiled water or mineral water. You may feel it tastes bad at first, but the habit is to develop. Once you develop a light taste, you will not be used to drinking sugary drinks.

  ● Mung bean soup should be moderate. Many people will drink mung bean soup and red bean soup because they can’t eat rice, but these foods are as sugar as rice. If they eat too much, they will get fat.

  Experts recommend that if you drink a bowl of mung bean soup (about 70 calories) after a meal, remember to reduce the amount of meal by 1/4.

If you want to eat mung bean soup as a meal, you can add less sugar, add low-fat milk, and cut some fruits to achieve the same nutrition as a regular meal.

  ● I choose low-molecular-weight sandwiches to eat sandwiches. I feel that they eat very little. In fact, the range is not low. A chicken leg sandwich sold at a convenience store has 307 calories. I will eat snacks in the afternoon, but will increase more.

  In fact, among the sandwiches sold in convenience stores, you can put yakiniku meat, seafood, and ham salad sandwiches on top; if you have time, you can also do it yourself, and put a little more lettuce, gherkins, and tomatoes, which tastes more refreshing.

  ● Eat more vegetable salad in summer is the fruit-rich period, most people don’t be wary of fruits, they will eat a lot.

In fact, the sugar in fruits also raises triglycerides in the blood.

  In fact, summer is also a period of high yield of vegetables. It is also good to eat vegetable salad, so that the ingredients of fruit are less.

  ● Fresh milk cannot be used as water to drink. It is hot in summer, and fresh milk is nutritious. Many people drink fresh milk as water.

But existing research points out that high protein prevents calcium absorption.

  Nutrition experts recommend that you drink only two or three glasses of milk a day.

  Comprehensive summer nutrients, in addition to correcting some common ways of eating with “smart choices”, if you pay more attention to the replacement of certain nutrients, your appetite will be better.

  ★ Drink a glass of water before meals. An hour before meals, you can drink 1 cup of water. In addition to relieving the phenomenon of gastrointestinal dehydration, it can also promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, gastric emptying, and appetite.

  ★ Vitamin B1 supplements Drink plenty of water and cold drinks in the summer, and also sweat a lot, it is easy to flush the vitamin B family out of the body and cause loss of appetite, while vitamin B1 in the vitamin B family is a matchmaker that converts carbonic acid in food to glucoseGlucose provides the energy needed for the brain and nervous system to function.

Without it, although you eat normally, the energy in your body is insufficient, and you are listless.

The richest source of vitamin B1 is all cereals, such as wheat germ, soybeans, coarse rice, etc., because this vitamin is needed when the seeds germinate.

Meat is most abundant in pork.

  ★ Vitamin B2 supplementation Vitamin B2 is responsible for converting heat energy. It can help the body release protein, impurities, and small amounts of energy. In the summer when there is a lot of activity, vitamin B2 is needed.

A study by Cornell University in the United States found that the human body’s demand for vitamin B2 is increased by shifting activity. The best food sources of vitamin B2 are dairy products such as milk and cheese, and green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach.

  ★ Nicotinic acid supplement, also known as vitamin B3, is responsible for metabolic metabolism and provides energy together with vitamin B1 and vitamin B2. Lack of nicotinic acid can cause worry, anxiety, and irritability, so it often feels irritable in summer.

Cutting-edge nicotinic acid foods include mackerel, swordfish, chicken, and milk.

  ★ Vitamin C supplementation is actually a source of stress. You can supplement the anti-stress vitamin C. In summer, you can make a variety of fruit juices such as bitter gourd juice, celery juice, and pineapple juice.