As long as i can do,Even on the knife mountain,I’m willing to go to the pan!‘’Wen Yi Shao patted his chest!

Chapter 4 Two Groups of People 47
‘’Not that serious,Only you can help me,fast,You promise me first!‘’
‘’it is good。I promise you,Can say it‘’
‘’That’s it,you help me……‘’Xiaoying muttered and finished。
After Wen Yishao listened to Xiaoying’s request,,Hesitated,Logically,No matter what Xiaoying asked,He will agree without hesitation,But this incident goes against the advice the master gave him,It would be great if the master was by his side,He will show him the right way。
‘’The underworld does not accept the pure yin body,You are my favorite,Only you can help me,I thought I would save the best until the moment you lift your hijab,But I’m afraid there is no time,‘’Xiaoying’s eyes revealed infinite pleading。
With a complicated mood that night,Broke the rules of the division,But I saw Xiaoying’s smile on her face,He was relieved。
3Diva,Xiaoying left,Left this world forever,That year she 17year old,he 18,Life and death are on his immature body,Left a scar that can never be erased!
Chapter 4 Two Groups of People 48
‘’Let’s drink some bar,‘’Chen Rui said。
At this time Wen Yishao is still immersed in his own memories,This relationship has always been hidden in his bones,Even if no one brings up this topic,He also feels uncomfortable,He didn’t want to hide in front of Chen Rui,Although he and Chen Rui only met for the first time,The first time in such a close conversation,But sometimes things are:People who have just met,Easier to approach in distance,If there is something to pave the way before,Then it’s better to tell。
‘’OK,Wine Bar,Not easy to get drunk,‘’Wen Yishao takes back his thoughts,The corners of the mouth rise slightly
‘’OK,You look so good to smile,Smile often!‘’
‘’Ok,Listen to you,‘’Wen Yishao holds a bottle of wine in his hand,Walk in from outside。
Dishes on the table,Wine in the glass,The two people at the table have their own thoughts,Chen Rui has a few questions in her heart,I asked and worried about making unnecessary moves,I don’t ask, and I feel like there’s something in my heart,Uncomfortable。
Wen Yishao raised his glass,Raised his head and took a sip:You seem to have a question to ask me,Don’t worry,I will finish later,These questions have answers!
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