A powerful force broke out from him,The rays of the stars are in his body, such as mercury.。

Follow,Like war god, wake up,A pair of black and white two-color ancient Anth is put on him。
Black and white two-color http://www.jianyue-ad.cn turnover,Chemicals the image of yin and yang,Intogether is integrated in an instant,Gray Meng Meng。
at this time,Jun Lin has attracted it to。
The blue holy area has a heartbroofing fluctuation,A fierce and horrible swordsmanship,Heavy burden,As white flame in Tengteng。
Terrible holy area,Those thunderstandings that the electric mood,Deafening,Directly let the ground constantly fell。
The moment is too big.。
Jun is like a worldwide,A sword,Air is completely torn,Outbreak out the strongest power。
Summer tiger,Snake knife waves together,Torn Jian Mang is constantly being smashed。
Follow him,Snake knife waving,Strong strike,Strength,No shortcomings。
Also in an instant,The second form of the blue sky and the gods collided。
Holy area,Name, you can defense all kinds of tangible and invisible http://www.80must.cn attack,Rumor cultivation,Has been in an invincible place。
The second form of the god,Similarly have similar functions,Different,Just form a battle。
Summer natural also exhibited the field,Within its cover,All external forces are maximized resolution,And your own strength is constantly being increased。
“Rumble”This moment,Several different power simultaneously collides。
Ground frial,Native stone splash,Dust,A strain tree is broken,Strike,Falling leaves。
The result of the collision between the two parties is shocked。
boom!Summer is flying out by a violent power,And Junli is going to,Chemical or shadow,Such as transients are generally disilled。
Junlo’s sword,As if communicating the world。
Condense,It is also one of his tricks.。
Although it is just a sword,But the air of the four sides is distorted,Creating a sharp depression,Follow the sword with the split。
Summer,Roster,Holding the snake knife even greeted。
Start from one start,He didn’t leave it back.。
http://www.huximiao.cn The fastest in the world!The most important world!The most firm in the world!The three major killers of the nine eolate magic are blended together,Circular,Connect。
Then, I will play it again.!Knife,As imitation of the world!Happen。
A knife in the mountains in the sea is half-air,It is like a white giant wave,A heavy one heavy,It’s like a slightly blowing time and space.。
First2267Chapter Break the domain
There is no short stay in summer.。
Almost useful。
So as soon as,He also noticed,Even if I am injured,Unable to fully,It’s not easy to win him.。
Only desperately。